Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, is proud to be involved in a community that gives back. Look around and consider all the resources, services, arts and sports venues, health initiatives and innovations that would not exist if not for philanthropic human beings. We are pleased that we are able to provide approximately $300,000 to community services annually. Since its beginning in 1996, EMC Foundation has given over $2.5 million to area non-profits in our 20 year history.

Wow! Every grant review period becomes more challenging and more motivating! In November 2022 our Foundation Trustees awarded grants to 22 non-profit agencies, for a grand total of $164,500.

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We attempt to be balanced in our giving, providing resources to such things as education, technology, business, environmental issues, the arts, and human services. We annually partner with Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission to provide more distance for each dollar, and consequently we make an effort not to duplicate our gifts to the arts. We are a part of the Madison College Century Scholarship Endowment program and provide a scholarship to Waunakee High School. We sponsor a Big Brother/Big Sister with an annual gift. We are a part of the new Ronald McDonald Family Home at St. Mary’s Hospital, the new animal hospital at the Henry Vilas Zoo, and most recently the new Waunakee Neighborhood Connection facility in Waunakee. All terrific projects!

Did you know?

U.S. citizens gave $157.7 billion in charitable gifts in 2010, or approximately 3.1% of total taxable income.

Wisconsin residents gave $2.3 billion or approximately 2.6% of their taxable income.

If Wisconsin residents gave at the level of the national average, it would send $452 million more to charities and non-profits.

There are 4,250 non-profits in Dane County, and 19,000 in Wisconsin.

35% of Wisconsin residents volunteer for community non-profit work.

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