Endres Manufacturing Company specializes in
  • structural steel
  • railings and
  • miscellaneous metal fabrication

For over 80 years steel fabrication has been the foundation of our business. As an AISC certified steel fabricator, quality and precision is essential when it comes to welding, cutting, bending, drilling, punching, and cambering. Our attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. We are also proud members of the US Green Building Council since steel is the ultimate green building material. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, it’s energy-efficient, and it’s cost-effective over the life of the product. Let us help you achieve your LEED certification goals.

We also supply house beams for local home builders, and railings for residential clients. We respond to industrial applications as well, including catwalks, and tank systems. We have experience with a wide variety of metals and fabrication processes. We have an extensive machining department with extremely skilled workers that specialize in custom prototyping. We have MIG / TIG welding, spot welding, stud welding, plate shearing, saw cutting, custom plate burning, drilling, tapping, reaming, counter sinking, deburring, grinding, and polishing.

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