•    Decking available in cedar and maintenance-free white vinyl
•    Frame sections come galvanized for long lasting finish
•    Decks are small and light weight approximately 28 lbs each
•    Frame Sections are 4′ wide and 6′-8″ long for easy handling (Weighs approximately 65 lbs)
•    Sections are interchangeable for reconfiguration
•    Space saving stackable storage
•    Stainless steel set screw for trouble free leveling
•    Can be installed and removed by one person
•    Unlimited layouts (Click here to see examples)

Customer Review (2020): 

“I purchased a pier from you this spring after reviewing several designs (Engineer’s habit).  I was able to install it alone with minimal efforts from in the water.  I was able to remove it today alone without getting in the water (not bad for a 56-year-old desk jockey) which means I can leave it later into the fall in the future.  I also like how neatly and compact it stacks in the yard.

Nice design.  I will recommend your pier to any friend that needs one”.

-Peter L. Mischler

Below is a short pictorial installation guide: