Press Release


June 1, 2013


Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation - May 2012 Grant Announcement:




The EMC Foundation met on May 13 to review grant applications. We are proud to announce that we have awarded a total of $40,000 to 13 different non-profit organizations including:


These are in addition to our annual pledges, totaling $35,000 to the following organizations:


Thank you to those who have passed along information about the Foundation to your friends and family. We have received numerous grant requests because of your recommendations for them to apply! Please continue to spread the word. We won’t be taking grant application in November as we usually do (this will give us some time to make changes to the website so organizations can apply directly online), but we will be taking grant requests again next May. Anyone can contribute to the foundation and 100% of the funds are given back to the community so if you are looking for charitable causes to donate to, please consider the EMC Foundation


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