Press Release


June 1, 2010


Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation has awarded a total of $14,200 to seven different non-profit organizations including:



·         Wisconsin Foundation for School Music - $500 for piano lessons for students living in low-income households.

·         Kids Against Hunger - $1000 to purchase ingredients for creating meal packages for the hungry.

·         Waunakee Neighborhood Connection - $1200 for appreciation gift bags for mothers in need living in Waunakee.

·         Big Brother Big Sisters - $2000 for two match pairs.

·         Dean Foundation for Health Research and Education - $2500 for the BSP Free Clinic, which is the only free clinic in Wisconsin exclusively providing specialist care to low-income, uninsured patients.

·         Imagine a Child’s Capacity - $2000 for free training for parents of young children who have autism.

·         MATC - $5000 for college scholarships for their Smart Future campaign.


If you know of any non-profit organizations who you think the Foundation could help, please let us know and pass on the word to those non-profits. We are here to help better the community! The Foundation reviews and awards grants twice per year, in May and in November. Grant applications can be found at by following the foundation link. Anyone can contribute to the foundation and 100% of the funds are given back to the community.


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