Press Release:

December 2006

Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation


Each year Endres Manufacturing Company hosts a Holiday Contractor’s Party where they invite all their main customers and suppliers to celebrate the year. At this year’s annual party, the EMC Foundation was highlighted as it celebrated its 10th year anniversary. This year was different from the typical party entertainment, as they asked the guests to participate in some holiday giving.

 On each of the tables, the EMC Foundation had checks in the amount of $1,000.00. They then brought in presenters from ten different non-profit agencies in Dane County and asked them to give just a short one-minute presentation about the services they provide. The group demonstrated the great diversity of non-profits in our area, as well as the diversity of agencies that the EMC Foundation has supported - from youth hockey to homeless shelters. After the presenters gave their brief speeches, the tables were then asked to discuss the non-profits that they felt were deserving of the $1,000.00 check. They were not limited to the groups that presented or to groups that Endres had given to in the past. Instead, they were free to choose from any non-profit that they felt strongly about.

 The response from the guests and presenters was extremely positive. Many people were amazed by how many organizations there are in our community, and several people made contacts and exchanged business cards to help out the agency once this evening was over. It was a great night and several non-profits will benefit from the exposure and the donation. At the end of the night, $21,000 was donated to 13 non-profits.

 Below is the list of recipients:

Food Pantry Gardens  




Second Harvest Food Bank  $2,500.00
EMC Foundation      $2,000.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters $1,500.00
Hospice  $1,000.00
Waunakee Food Pantry $1,000.00
Lodi Woman’s Club $1,000.00
Waunakee Special Olympics $1,000.00
Safe Harbor $1,000.00
Gilda’s Club $1,000.00
Restoring Hope Transplant House $1,000.00
Care Net  $   500.00

Needless to say, EMC’s contractor’s party was very well received. Newcomb Construction was so inspired by the night’s events that the very next day they called to say that they would match the donations of their 2 company’s tables, plus the head EMC table - thus donating an additional $3,000.  We offer a special thanks to Newcomb Construction for carrying on the spirit of giving, and hope that individuals were just as inspired. 

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