Marine Rail Track System:

  • Fits Pontoon or Run About Style Boats
  • Sections are 10′ long x 3′ wide
  • Remote Controls Available
  • Sections Weigh Under 100 Pounds
  • Single Bolt installation on Track Sections

We sell both a gravity or a power-drive/push-pull system. Talk to one of our professionals to help decide which option is best for your lakefront. For additional pictures of our shoreline products, click here.

Additional Information

Track Specifications
Track in Cement Diagram
Winch Diagram
Runabout Dolly Diagram
Pontoon Dolly Diagram

Endres Track System
Tracks must be sloped at a minimum of
6″ per 10′-0″ to keep the dolley rolling.
The spool travels at roughly 19′ per minute.
Motor 110 or 220 volt, 20 amp fuse required for 110Volt.
Remote Controls available.
Endres Track System 2
Adjustable dolley length. Boat guide-ons.

















Endres Track System 4
Dolley “keepers” prevents the dolley from jumping off the track. Adjustable bunks and boat guide-on arms.














Endres Track System 5
Motor Cover for outside protection. Head section to mount motor to the track system.