One of the most frequent questions we get is:
“What’s the deal with the goats?”

The simplest explanation is that Larry Endres liked them and they reminded him of his German-Bavarian heritage. Larry was always on the lookout for new and creative ideas. He decided that the company architecture should reflect his heritage, and at the same time be a welcoming and unique image as you entered town.

Starting in the summer of 1982, Waunakee became host to six very special guests in the little park on the southeast side of the Endres property. They became quite popular with other kids in the village but still caused a bit of a ruckus with some neighbors.  There was community controversy and the goats were eventually banned since they were livestock on commercial zoned property.

As anyone who knew Larry would tell you, he was determined and persistent. He decided to throw a “tug-at-your-heartstrings” farewell party where he won over the sympathy of the community through food and drink.  As a final farewell, he had a bell tolling as each goat was loaded onto the truck to take them back to their farm.

It was only a matter of time until Larry found a way to bring the goats back. In 1990, after a few years of haggling, the goats returned and Endres hosted a “welcome home” party for the entire community.  Their park is filled with bridges, ramps, rocks, their own Bavarian chalet, and the newest addition, a thirty-foot tall spiral goat tower, designed and built by former EMC employee, Bob Ziegler. They love visitors and visitors love them in return. The goats are part of the culture and history of the company and hopefully they will remain for generations to come.