The Foundation achieved their goal to grow the funds to $1,000,000 by 2006, the tenth anniversary, and continue to grow the funds. Our present annual giving level is approximately $100,000, with grants ranging from approximately $1,000 to $25,000. Grant requests are reviewed twice a year, in May and November.

The EMC Foundation Goals:
• Give impacting gifts
• Focus on community priorities
• Promote collaborative matches
• Foster philanthropic development
• Not be a sustaining donor

All grant gifts are made possible through the generosity of Endres Manufacturing Company and the donations of the following friends and employees who work to quench the world’s thirst:

Endres Mfg. Company
Diane Endres-Ballweg
Ken Ballweg
Ron and Sheila Endres
Bob and Shirley Kopp
Gordy and Jean Acker
Mike and Deb Palm
Ben Ballweg
Cubby and Elaine Wolfe
Sam and Annie Ballweg
Tom and Connie Lange
Kevin and Karen Ripp
Gene and Molly Button
Wayne and Tracy Hellenbrand
Smith & Gesteland

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