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When are the grant request deadlines?

A. May 1 and November 1, with responses being made by the end of those months.

What is an appropriate size grant request?

A. Typically the smallest grant given is $500 and the largest is $20,000. The Foundation tries to be creative in funding, sometimes giving matching challenges or funding part of a project with suggestions for additional funding sources. It depends on the request.

Are there any recommendations?

A. When making a request, it is helpful to provide the Foundation trustees with some levels of giving and options. For example: Big-Brothers, Big-Sisters sponsored an event with giving levels at $1,000, $2,000, and $10,000, and in their grant request they clearly defined what was covered at each level.

Can we submit more than one grant request?

A. We recommend only one grant request per period. You may submit a new request for each grant review period. Again, each request is studied and evaluated individually, so occasionally the Foundation has given to a particular organization multiple times. In other cases, the Foundation seeks to impact the community in a variety of ways, so we don’t want to become a regular funding source for a limited population.

Is there a particular area of interest for the Foundation?

A. Our primary focus includes programs that impact our community and our employees. If there is a connection to either of those areas, we pay particular attention to the need.

Where do I send the grant request application and materials?

Applications must be emailed directly to Diane Ballweg. Click here for grant application instructions.